Lock down restrictions on 10th May


On Sunday, the state issued a strict restriction on lockdowns imposed by the state. There are concessions for the essential services like, hospitals, labs, medical stores, related services, Covid 19 prevention-related departments and waste management agencies.

Take-away counters at hotels can be open from 8am to 9pm. Food ordered online can be delivered until 10 p.m. Travel freight will be granted for medical purposes, for Covid 19 defense personnel and volunteers, and for any of the permissible purposes mentioned above. If you have to travel in the event of an emergency, you must obtain a pass from the district authorities or the police. Freight vehicles will be allowed.
Continuous manufacturing industries and ongoing construction work are also permitted. Walking and cycling is allowed.

No transport other than freight and essential service vehicles will be allowed from 5 AM to 10 PM in below roads

  • BTH to High Court Junction
  • From Manorama Junction to Panampally Nagar
  • Entire stretch of stadium link road and approach road to GCDA stadium, Kaloor