Kochi Metro measures for COVID 19

Kochi Metro COVID19
Kochi Metro COVID19

Kochi Metro Rail Limited has decided to implement measures to address the concerns of public when it restart the service. Various measuers start from disinfecting the trains after every trip to deploying Digital Thermo Scanning Cameras.

Kochi Metro had earlier  suspended its operations until further notice when the nation wide lockdown was announced on March,20

“We have taken all possible measures to ensure safety of the commuters. The state of the art Digital Thermal Cameras will help us in tracking the persons with symptoms. During the lockdown period also we have focussed on periodical cleaning and upkeep of the trains and stations.” said KMRL MD ALkesh Kumar Sharma IAS. Wearing face Mask is mandatory in all Kochi Metro premises and metro stations. The air-condition ducts of the trains will be cleaned before inducting the train in service. All public contact points like AFC gates, ticket counters, Handrails of staircase, Escalators, Lift buttons, Platform chairs should be cleaned with disinfectant every day, he added.

The target temperature of the saloon AC will be set between 24- 26 degree Celsius. Train-grab pole, grab handle and seats will be cleaned every night with disinfectant before inducting for revenue service. For metallic surfaces 70% alcohol based cleaner will be used to wipe down surfaces. All trains in revenue service will be sprayed using hypo chlorine based disinfectant.  After each round trip, trains  will be cleaned and sanitised.Kochi Metro will set up digital thermo cameras at major stations and manual thermo scanners at all the stations.

Kochi Metro will encourage passengers to use hand sanitizer at the entrance of stations and liquid soaps will be provided at all stations.

If a person is found having symptoms he/she will be referred to District Corona Control Centre for medical attention.

There will be announcements to maintain social distancing while sitting in the train, queuing at the ticket counter and at entry/exit of AFC gates.

The metro will also identify the area where passenger movement or contact within the stations are frequent. More frequent cleaning of such areas using disinfectants will be carried out.

Station controllers at each station will supervise the cleaning. Extra precautions will be taken for the protection of staff also. All the persons working at stations will undergo thermal screening available at stations. The train operator will also wear masks and gloves while on duty.