Flow-motion video of Fort Kochi said to be India’s first

Flow Motion Video Fort Kochi
Flow Motion Video Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is one of the most happening and famous tourist destination in God’s own country,, that simply explains why Shebin Sebastian, flow motion movie maker chose Fort Kochi for the first ever flow-motion video of India.

It took him one week to take 8000 raw images for the flow-motion magic, with the help of Sony’s fabulous camera Alpha A9. Every year people from all over Kerala comes here to be part of For Kochi Carnival extravaganza. The origin of Cochin carnival is traced to Portuguese New Year celebrations during the colonial days. The main highlight of the carnival is the massive procession on the New Year’s Day, led by burning of Papanji exactly at the stroke of midnight , The events in Cochin Carnival are a combination of different cultures like Portuguese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalee, Kannada, Arab, Dutch, and Anglo Indian, so he decided to shoot the big Gala, and make it part of his flow motion experiment, with the wholehearted support of Sony India.

As a digital content maker my moto is to break the conventional video experience by experimental video making. For smooth and reliable post production I need high quality images, for that I choose Sony A9 which help me to push harder for the best quality RAW images without any compromise. The effort behind the video made me India’s first flowmotion maker. My vision is to explore India in a different perspective using this technology.

says Shebin Sebastian
Shibin Sebastian
Shebin Sebastian

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